Sjöquist Architects, Inc.
Our Process



At Sjoquist Architects, Inc. our philosophy of design aligns with Louis Sullivan's famous axiom, "Form follows function." Each of our projects begins with our comprehensive assessment program, designed to clarify goals and objectives. This program addresses functional and aesthetic issues as well as time and budget considerations. As the project progresses we continually evaluate the criteria determined by this analysis to ensure we reach the final goals skillfully and effectively.

The entire process of designing and building a space consists of several key phases. Following, is an overview of our architectural services during each of those phases.


  Schematic Design
20% of architectural service

Information gathering and analysis; preliminary design

  • Meet with the owner to ascertain project requirements and scope.
  • Develop program requirements and site analysis.
  • Prepare design studies illustrating usage patterns and relationships, and program requirements.
  • Review site plan with government authorities and assist owner with obtaining approvals.
  • Prepare preliminary building cost.

  Design Development
15% of architectural service

Refine and develop design

  • Adjust project size to align with project budget.
  • Refine drawings, select materials and equipment, and determine basic building systems (structure, HVAC, electrical, interior design, etc.) based on approved Schematic Design.
  • Review plans with local building official.
  • Prepare estimated building cost.

  Construction Documents
40% of architectural service

Prepare final drawings and specifications

  • Make final adjustments to the building and its systems based on approved Design Development drawings.
  • Prepare final drawings for bidding to contractors.
  • Specify all material, finishes and specialties of the project.
  • Review or recommend contractors.
  • Review estimated building costs and adjust as necessary based on final refinements of the projects
  • Review final documents with the owner.

5% of architectural service

Facilitate and obtain bidding information

  • Print and distribute plans to selected contractors.
  • Assist owner in obtaining bids or negotiated proposals.
  • Review bids or proposals, then recommend award of contract.
  • Assist in preparing construction contracts.

20% of architectural service

Build the project

  • Provide administration of construction contract.
  • Advise and consult owner regarding construction.
  • Review all changes by owner or contractor.
  • Prepare and process all change orders and construction directives.
  • Review and approve all pay requests.
  • Observe the construction for compliance with the contract documents.
  • Review all shop drawings.
  • Issue Certificate of Substantial Completion and Certificate of Final Payment.