Sjöquist Architects, Inc.
Dental Planning



Dental practitioners face important decisions regarding the unique requirements of a dental facility. Your built space must support the vital relationship between staff duties, delivery of treatment, and patient flow in an attractive, functional, and economical way.

Sjoquist Architects' experience on over 300 facilities reflects our thorough knowledge of the dental process and how it relates to the built space. Our designs support an image of personalized care and are sensitive to the patients' psychological needs. As dental design specialists we ensure that your facility meets current requirements while remaining flexible for future changes.

Good dental office design can help a practice increase productivity and profitability. To achieve this, we tailor our comprehensive assessment program (as described in Our Process) to consider the specialized needs of a dental facility. In addition to evaluating standard criteria we:

  • Develop a program of space requirements and relationships specific to dentistry, including staff and patient flow, room relationships, and operatory arrangement.
  • Outline options for future staff growth, (additional dentists, hygienists, administrators and other treatment staff).
  • Target a level of image quality as perceived by patients as they approach the clinic, enter the building, and are served by the clinic staff.
  • Assist with articulating your growth plan to determine building options
  • Work with your financial team to clarify your alternatives for growth
  • Outline equipment needs for both dental (operatory, lab, sterilization, etc.) and administrative (work stations, office machines, furniture, etc.) areas.
  • Establish a phase-out plan for reducing work load and retirement.

Sjoquist Architects works at all levels of dental planning, from project consulting (working with your local architect or contractor), to providing complete architectural, engineering, and interior design services. If you would like a detailed description of our dental facility assessment and how it will affect your building process, please contact us. For an overview of how our assessment program assisted with a real-life dental facility, please see our project profile of Southern Heights Dental.