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Carl Robertson, AIA
President CEO

As a Principal Architect, Carl is dedicated to providing his clients with the highest value of architectural service. He is adamant about following a project through from start to finish, assuring that there is continuity from early design to construction completion. His personal mantra is "Always give the Client what they expect, plus a little bit more". His hands-on experience in a number of the construction trades provides a sound foundation for a strong relationship between Architect and Contractor. He pays close attention to detail, and lists his ability to solve complex problems as one of his greatest strengths.

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Mark Tolvstad, CSI
President CFO

Mark's twenty five plus years of architectural drafting experience, along with his keen attention to detail, makes him a valued project manager. As a Principal, he understands the quality while keeping the schedule and budget in mind. He has coordinated entire projects, from schematic design through construction. Mark uses his thorough understanding of systems and unparalleled coordination skills to manage projects, as well as writing specifications and providing construction observation.

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Sylvia Schwartz
Interior Designer

With over twenty years of interior design experience, along with her ability to work with clients and users in an efficient manner, makes her a valuable part of the team. Her creative ideas bring a style to each space while keeping functional needs in mind. Sylvia coordinates with clients as well as the design team to provide a smooth process from beginning to end.

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Keith Sjoquist, AIA

From forming his first architectural firm in 1969, to retiring in 2005, Keith's experience as principal architect, project manager, and designer on a vast array of projects has been the reason for his success. This valuable experience, along with his method of hands-on involvement in each of the phases of a project has been passed on to Mark and Carl, which results in the continued efficient and cost-effective management seen today.

Keith's expertise as a dental facility specialist has led to numerous speaking engagements at conventions and seminars, and his reputation has reached international proportions. This effort has been the key to success for Sjoquist Architects to continue to be the leader in dental facility design.

As Keith is enjoying his retirement, please contact Mark or Carl with any inquiries on any project.